- Everything racing you can dream of wrapped up together to get you to new riding heights.

- 3 FULL riding track days, six, 20 minutes riding sessions every day.

- All logistics covered: The fastest flights, best cars and the perfect hotel.

- On track medical insurance: we take care of our riders.

- Private professional photographer: your MotoGP level photos are waiting for you.

- Track record teachers: Personal instruction, all in perfect English

- All included: you're done worrying. It's time to free your mind.

tailor made for the best


- REAL race bikes: everything you could hope to have on your bike - we have it.

- Quick shifter, quick throttles, full system exhaust with racing maps after dyno.

- Adjustable Rearset and clipons, racing brake pads and tubes, light racing sprockets/chains.

- Laptimers, world class race fairings, immobilizer&key removed, tuned racing suspensions.

- An unlimited supply of Moto2 race tires and racing gasoline.

- The track: a perfect layout that provides the perfect playground - Speed and technique.

- 18 Sessions of glory: too much is never enough ;)

- Backup bikes: bike not working? here's another one. 

a match made in heaven


you get the very best


- Detailed, personal instruction, tailored for your needs in fluent English.

- Instructor is riding with you, before you and after you, recording you on video.

- We teach you: The race lines, body position, correct steering, planning ahead, braking,

  cornering and methodology for track days.

- Each rider is set to practice on track according to what he needs.

- At least two private mechanics for handling all technical aspects.


An insclusive, perfected package - feel like a racer

- a MotoGP style experience: You're done riding? Just like on TV, our mechanics  
   are waiting for you in pit lane to take your bike, put it on the stands, slap on the tire

  warmers and check it has everything in place for your next session.

- Our mechanics will fuel the bikes, make sure they are fully functional, lube them and

   prepare them for your next session.

- The tires are checked and pressure is measured to make sure tires are in optimum

   condition. Tire is done? no worries, new one coming right up. no loss of riding time.

- We have a guide with you throughout the whole time, be it inside the track or outside,

   we will take you to the coolest places, best restaurants and bars and make sure you

   make the best out of this experience. 

This package is meant for all levels, both beginners and more experienced riders, each in his own pace. Instruction is personal and according to the rider's progress, it is meant for all ages above 15 and does not require any licenese.

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