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Frequenly Asked Questions



Riding season begins in April and ends at the end of October, we have groups at the track at least twice a month. The active official dates are advertised on the main page.

Can I get and a motorcycle and/or instrcution with no package deal?

For riders who wish to arrive independently and just ride, we offer race ready motorcycles for rent. If you want to make sure you have them for certain dates or just feel like spontaneously arriving, try and make sure there isn’t a course running during those dates and that the track is available. (Just contact us, we’ll help).

I don’t have a suit/gloves/boots, what do I do?

We offer gear rental and purchase right here at the track.​

How much time do we actually get to ride?​

Package is 4 days, 3 days of them on track from 9 AM till 19:00. Each day contains up to 6 sessions of riding, each session is 15-20 minutes. That means you ride up to two hours a day (and good luck trying that).

What motorcycles do we ride?

All motorcycles are 600cc, ready to race and fully quipped:
Each bike is ready to race and highly maintained with premium unlimited race tires and 100 octane gasoline. Each bike has tire warmers, onboard lap timer and also a GYRO-MotoGP like camera available for use.

Motorcycle stopped working, what now?

You’ll get another one right away. The show must go on!
Meanwhile, our mechanics will try and fix the first one, while you keep on hitting the track.

What if I crashed?

Welcome to our prestigious club! It’s all good, if we can fix the bike, we’ll do so right away and get you back on track, meanwhile we’ll let you have to option to rent another one at cheap price, that way you won’t be missing riding sessions. As far as payment goes, we got the mechanic’s cost covered! You’ll cover the damaged parts. 

So what’s the price and how do I pay?

The price varies according to what you want, is it just renting bikes? Do you want us to take care of flights as well? Are you planning to come on weekends or during the week? Contact us and tell us what you want, we’ll let you know exactly what you’re looking at.


Each rider that participates in our package deal has on track insurance, especially designed for track riders. Make sure that when you ride at the track your insurance is valid! 

We are a group of friends, can we set our own date?​

You can set your own date, as long as we and the track have it free, we’ll let you know.  As a group, you also get to have a group discount, special shirts with your group name on them, eternal glory on our facebook page and one more thing, we’ll keep it a secret for the time being. You have to be a minimum of four riders.​

Okay, I’m in, what now?​

Congrats! You’re basically done preparing for the trip. Enjoy!
Seriously though, if you’ve registered for an advertised date, that’s about it for you guys, we’ll take care of the rest and inform you with anything else you need to know.

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