Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join?

Riding season here in Greece begins in April and ends at the end of October, we are here during the season for personal and group training, you can find the official confirmed dates at our homepage or contact us for specific dates your'e interested in.

We offer instruction and training for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders, with our motorcycles or yours. We also offer race bike rentals with no instruction, should you choose to simply try it out on your own. All of the above can be done individually or in a group, feel free to contact us for more information and pricing.

?What are my options


I don't have riding gear

We have boots, suits and gloves for rent, you get the helmet and lets rock and roll.

How much do I ride?

Our package consists of 4 days trip, 3 of them are full track days.

Each track day consists of 6 riding sessions with instruction on and off track.

If you rent a motorcycle you can pay per session, daily or join the all included deal (best value for money). 

What bike do I ride?

Our race bikes are fully equipped, all 600 cc beasts, loaded with quickshifters, setup suspension, lap timers, premium race tires with tire warmers and onboard cameras. 

We take special care of our animals, careful, they can bite :)

My bike isn't working

No worries! we'll get you another one right away, no loss of precious time. No charge!

What if I crash the bike?

Happens to the best! If we can fix the bike, we'll do so ASAP and get you back out there.

Fixing the bike consists of parts and mechanical work, we cover the mechanic and you cover the parts. If we can't fix the bike on the spot, we'll give you the oportunity to ride a different one for 50% off our regular rental fee.

We are a group of friends, can we choose our own date?

Yes you can. All you have to do is to let us know when is good for you, we'll run it with the track and our schedule to make sure it checks out. You need to be a minimum of 4.

I want in! now what?

Conact us at or call our international number
+972-54-586-2086 and we'll get you one step closer feel like a racer.

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